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Vytautas Vy

Tattoo master at Santaka Tattoo

Vytautas specialises in portraits, geometry, animals, nature, and abstract art. His work is full of contrast and he feels it’s his duty to make sure the tattoo would stand the test of time. Vytautas enjoys creating super detailed tattoos done in single needle and is inspired by classic sculptures as well as contemporary art. He says “I want my clients to feel special and to know that I appreciate them. I just want to make sure that every tattoo I do is special and I am excited to do it.”

Vytautas Vy is an aspiring and talented professional artist, with a great passion for tattooing. He got interested in art by doing street art and was making himself a name by attending international graffiti competitions at age 16. Vytautas has started to pursue a career in tattooing only after graduating from University with Fine Arts degree. He strives to create and tattoo unique custom pieces, which allows him to exercise creativity and grow a vast repertoire of original artwork.

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